TUBELIGHT FAILURE EFFECT? Salman Khan Says He’s Falling Short Of Money To Buy A House!
15 Saturday Jul 2017

Recently, Salman Khan's name appeared in Forbes' list of the world's most-paid actors. While, speaking to Hindustan Times, when Salman was asked, how much does money matter to him, the actor rather gave an unbelievable reply. Here's what he said:


‘Don’t Know How They Included My Name In The List’ "Money matters to everyone, but I don't know on what basis they included me in the list. There are billions of people who have a trillion times more money than I could ever have."

‘I’m Falling Short Of Money’ "As for me, I am still falling short [of money] to buy a house. Earlier, I would fall short by a few lakh, and then it became a few crores, then it reached Rs 20-25 crores, and now, by a few more crores, so, I always fall short."

Salman On Purchasing A New Home Speaking about the same, the Tubelight actor said, "Yes, let's see. We are still checking out some places. Ghar toh le lunga (I'll buy a house), but this [Galaxy Apartments] will always be home."


Salman On His Controversial Comments In the same interview, when Salman was asked about his controversial comments, he said, "Everyone shares their opinion but when somebody like me says something, it's twisted around. Then, a [TV] show runs [the comment], and it gets good TRPs. But if it's their business, let them do it."

‘I Hate Doing Interview’ "The other option for me is to just stop talking. I hate doing interviews, and I get bored of them but I do them because if a fan of mine picks up a newspaper or a magazine; or watches a TV channel, he should know that a certain film of mine is up for release. That's all."


‘Before Jaan-E-Mann, I Never Stepped Out For Interview’ Speaking about hectic film promotion, Salman said, "Till before Jaan-E-Mann (2006), I never stepped out of my house for interviews. When did I do any publicity for any film? The films would still run and became big hits."


Salman Does Everything For His Fans He further added, "But now that a precedent [of doing interviews] has set in, so it's going on. Now, if I go on a TV show (for promotions), it feels good if their TRPs get boosted. Also, through that show, my fans will get to see me at home for free." "That's the only intent of doing all of that. But then, a lot of times, journalists want a reaction about something because either their bosses have asked them for that or they want to make a name for themselves. But that's wrong journalism, which I don't appreciate at all," concluded Salman Khan.



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