Mega Fans Irked At Dil Raju Over Duvvada Jagannadham BO Figures!
15 Saturday Jul 2017

Dil Raju's latest production venture, Duvvada Jagannadham released amidst huge expectations and fanfare. However, the movie disappointed a large section of audience due to its clichéd story and predictable screenplay. Though the initial day's box office numbers were impressive due to massive expectations, the movie is said to have dropped in drastically in terms of number of footfalls. But the makers of the movie claimed that the collections of DJ were phenomenal throughout the first and second week as well, and the movie was set to strike some big records at the box office.


During the success meet of the movie, director Harish Shankar lashed out at the critics and went on to say that the Allu Arjun starrer movie has created non-Baahubali records in many avenues.

What is more flabbergasting is the revenue share of Nizam area. The makers have claimed that the movie had raked in a share of 20 Cr from the Nizam region within 2 weeks of its release. This has come in as a surprise and shocker as Megastar Chiranjeevi's comeback vehicle, Khaidi No 150, which was declared a super hit at the box office managed to earn a share of less than 20 Cr in the same region. However, Bunny's mixed talk movie seems to have outdid Khaidi No 150 in less than 2 weeks' time.


There were certain set of reports which notified that the collections of Duvvada Jaganndham were inflated and not really the actual figure. Dil Raju holds a dominant position in the Nizam market and it would not be a daunting task for the producer to manipulate figures, opined a few social media experts. The recent to add fuel to the fire were Chiranjeevi's fans. The pumped up figure seem to have not gone well with the Megastar fans. A set of Chiru fans were said to have stormed to Raju's office and apparently sat for a dharna demanding fair play. In order to hush things up and pacify the ace actor's fans, Dil Raju opened up during Fida audio launch.


The successful producer asserted that stars like Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan, Sai Dharam Tej and Varun Tej are the proud products of Chiranjeevi. If not for Chiranjeevi, then one could not have imagined a bandwagon of talents and that Chiru was instrumental in shaping up the industry to an extent. He also said that a comparative analysis on DJ and Khaidi No 150 were making rounds in social media which were baseless and had no prominence whatsoever as Chiranjeevi's stardom or movies are incomparable with any contemporary stars. This has come out as welcome speech for the Mega fans and hope that the intense action episode subsides down.

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