Role Models Movie Review: A Strictly Average Affair
29 Thursday Jun 2017

Role Models is the comical entertainer which stars Fahadh Faasil in the lead role. The movie, which is written and directed by Rafi stars Namitha Pramod in the female lead. Role Models is produced by Vaishak Rajan for Vyshaka Cynyma.



Gautham is a workaholic young man who has totally lost contact with the outer world, including his parents and best friends. His parents, who are highly worried about their son's nature, request the help of his college friends. The friends finally convince Gautham to go on a mini vacation to Goa with them. How the friends and Goa trip help Gautham to sort out his problems forms the crux of the story.

Fahadh Faasil has nothing much to do in this poorly written role, which lacks strength and clarity. The character Gautham also has some striking similarities with some of Fahadh's earlier roles. 


Rafi, the writer-director has tried to discuss too many topics with the film. But, the director's attempt has miserably failed, as it has only made the narrative extremely messy. The comical sequences look totally forced but might work for the fans of slapstick humour. The excessive preachiness at a few portions, a certain scene which ridicules women, the unconvincing twists that lead to the climax are the other factors that kill the show


Namitha Pramod is simply gorgeous onscreen, in her new get-up. The actress has played her part well, even though she was provided with very less scope to perform. 


Vinayakan and Vinay Forrt, the talented actors are totally wasted in their under-written roles, but they score at the comical sequences. Sharafudeen is at his usual best. The rest of the star cast, including director Rafi, Renji Panicker, Srinda, Seetha, Harisree Ashokan, etc., are fine in their roles.

Cinematographer Shamdat Sainudeen's beautiful visualization makes Role Models a watchable experience. 


The song Thechille Penne might have emerged as a great hit on social media, but hardly makes any impact in the narrative. The rest of the songs are forgettable, while the background score is fine. Other Technical Aspects V Saajan's editing is not up to the standards, as the narrative lacks clarity and looks messy. Sameera Saneesh, who has handled the costume designing, and art director Joseph Nellickal deserve a special mention. Verdict A strictly average affair, which is only recommended for the audiences who prefer brainless comedy over solid storyline and narrative.


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